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OGN Wednesday

Mid week collection of good news nuggets.

  • It's good news for scientists near Geneva, working at the Large Hadron Collider. They have spotted an unusual signal in their data that may be the first hint of a new kind of physics - and they're getting very excited about it. The experiment suggests that they may have discovered an entirely new force of nature. If true, the mathematical framework that underpins scientists’ understanding of the subatomic world, known as the standard model of particle physics, would need to be re-evaluated.

  • You never forget a good teacher, and that was definitely true of Steven Nava, who came across his former teacher, who was now living in his car. Jose Villarruel is now 77, but Steven remembered him fondly and decided to set up a fundraiser to help. It went viral on TikTok and Mr Villarruel now has a $27,000 cheque. "My initial thought was, 'Am I dreaming?' I still can't get over this experience," he said.

  • Game Changer: A Banksy painting showing a boy playing with a toy nurse as a superhero has sold for almost £17 million, setting an auction record for the elusive British street artist. All proceeds going to charity.

  • Many recent studies have offered optimistic reports about the scalability of renewable energy. The latest, from intergovernmental environmental organization IRENA, shows that the world could run entirely on renewables by 2050. Moving the world completely off fossil fuels by 2050 will be no easy task, but the good news is that studies like this one demonstrate that the goal is achievable if we dedicate the time and resources needed to implement green solutions.

  • Zvi Ben-David was on a family hike near Israel’s Besor River when something out of the ordinary caught his eye. When the 11-year-old picked up the artifact he probably had no idea he was in for an Indiana Jones moment. The small object he’d unearthed was in fact a 2,500-year-old fertility amulet. “The figurine that Zvi discovered is so rare that only one such example exists in the National Treasures collection,” says the Israel Antiquities Authority.

  • Airport fees rise for dirtiest planes: New measure set to go into effect in Sweden in July so that newer and more efficient aircraft will benefit from the scheme while older planes will be hit with higher fees.

  • The British and Irish Lions tour is set to take place in South Africa this summer as originally scheduled, opening against the Stormers in Cape Town on 3 July.

  • Acts of kindness: Peter Thomas, owner of Pilot Pete’s Coffee and Treats in Chicago has rallied the community to help the local homeless population. He has collected over 6,000 coats, blankets, scarves, gloves and special care packages this winter alone. Peter delivers the items to homeless people himself. He is always careful and makes sure that donations are fresh and clean. And, as an added bonus, all of his deliveries are accompanied with a cup of hot coffee from his shop and some tasty treats.

  • Prince Harry joins unicorn: He will become Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp, marking the Duke’s first formal position at a private company since he stepped down from being a working member of the royal family a year ago.

  • Pfizer has started an early-stage US trial of an oral Covid-19 antiviral therapy that could be prescribed to patients at the first sign of infection, the company has said.

  • Mood-Booster: John Lennon's uplifting classic re-mixed by a multitude of actors and singers from around the globe. Imagine!


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