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Gorgeous New Electric Sports Car

This cute, sensibly priced, sporting EV is an ultra-compact convertible, loosely based on the proportions and form of the first-ever Porsche. It's a stunning retro head-turner.

Carice TC2

Announced in summer 2023, the first run of the Carice TC2 sold out straight away, but the Dutch company is currently taking orders for another batch. Tempted?

The TC2 follows the design cues established by all the finest midcentury sports cars, with a turned aluminium dashboard, wood-rimmed steering wheel, toggle switches and centrally located dials. Everything is beautifully detailed and extensively customisable, and weighs in at just 630kg.

‘We distilled the car to its purest form, and everything that's in there has been created with love and an eye for detail,’ say founders Niels van Dril and Richard Holleman, adding, ‘We've brought the essence back into driving… It's about feeling the ride in every fibre of your body.’

All images courtesy of Carice

The TC2 is indeed a true lightweight, and emphasises this fact through the simple design approach that evokes the golden age of small sports cars. It also starts at a very competitive price, especially when compared to the sporting offerings from the big manufacturers, or even the many retro-fitted EV classics on the market. The catch - or advantage, depending on your viewpoint - is that Carice’s modest operation ensures this will always be a rare car.

Range is stated to be a modest 200km (125 miles) or 300km (186 miles) with a larger battery pack.

Carice TC2, from €44.500 ($48,500) plus tax. Reserve you spot for the next production batch at


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