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Lego's Homage to The Polaroid OneStep

Unfortunately it won't be in time for the holidays, but a project out of the Lego Ideas fan platform is about to bring the iconic OneStep SX-70 instant camera back to life through a 516-piece set.

Lego's Polaroid OneStep, 516 brick camera
Lego's tribute to a 1970s cult classic | Lego

The Polaroid SX-70 fold-flat instant camera was launched in 1972 by company founder Edwin H. Land, and it became an immediate success. A significantly cheaper version called the OneStep followed in 1977, and it's this model that inspired the boxy look of the Lego's new kit.

The 516-piece build comes with a working viewfinder, with a Polaroid rainbow stripe running over top of the body, and there's an exposure dial plus a red shutter release button. A Time-Zero Supercolor Land Film pack is also constructed using Lego bricks, and contains three cartoon "photos" (including one of Edward H. Land), which can be loaded into the camera via a film door to the front and ejected when the button is pressed.

So, no. The Lego project doesn't function as an instant camera, which is perhaps a shame but such a build would cost way more that the US$79.99 retail price of the new kit.

The Polaroid OneStep kit is available for pre-order now, and will go on general sale from 1 January. Could it become as much of a must-have display piece as original cameras? Probably not, but it is a fun project all the same.


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