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Live Stream of Bald Eagles Nesting

Jackie and Shadow enjoy a certain level of celebrity status thanks to a live-cam broadcasting 24/7 from their home in Southern California, in the San Bernardino National Forest.

Jackie and Shadow, bald eagles nesting in California

A cleverly placed webcam has allowed animal lovers to keep an eye on them - wherever they are in the world - as they deliver their eggs and wait for them to hatch in the weeks leading to the arrival of spring. This year, it looks like three more birds could join their family.

The camera is managed by Friends of Big Bear Valley, an organization dedicated to protecting local animals through education and monitoring. They've been streaming from Jackie and Shadow's nest for years, sharing their family life with the public and providing priceless insight into the behaviour of these majestic creatures.

While it's lovely to follow the eagles' parenting duties, the camera also provides some spectacular views of the national park in the background. If you're lucky when you tune in, it will be a bright, sunny day with the shimmering lake in the background. If, however, it's dark when you take a look, it's worth coming back later in the day to check out what Jackie and Shadow are up to.

Click play for the live stream...


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