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Look Up: 5 Planets Are Aligning

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

As a parting gift, March is giving sky gazing enthusiasts a gorgeous planetary alignment before April swoops in.

According to astronomy app Star Walk, five planets within the solar system are currently visible at the same time - a relatively rare occurrence. The best night to enjoy the celestial event will be Tuesday, March 28, but as Star Walk points out, the alignment will be visible several days before and after that, too. So, whenever there's a clear sky in the coming days, why not wrap up and head outside to take a look?

Rather than a straight line, the planets will form an arc in the night sky, and stargazers will get the chance to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. Some of them, though, will be more visible than others, and depending on your location, you might need some equipment to catch a glimpse of all five.

Venus will be the easiest one to spot thanks to its brightness, but the game will get a little tougher when trying to spot Uranus, which will be much dimmer compared to the other planets. According to, it is advisable to use a pair of strong binoculars to try and see it, and it will be located near Venus nearly all month.



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