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Lost Dog Rings Animal Shelter’s Doorbell

When a rescue dog found herself lost in her new neighborhood, she cleverly figured out the best way to get help.

Dog photographed on animal shelter camera
Credit: Animal Rescue League

Earlier this year, a husky-mix named Bailey was adopted by a family in Upper El Paso, Texas, and a few weeks later went missing. Her owners used social media to try and find help locating her. They also contacted the shelter where they rescued Bailey, El Paso Animal Rescue League, who posted pictures of her on Facebook with the announcement: “URGENT - This beautiful girl - Bailey - has gotten loose in the area of Mesa and Sunland Park.”

But Bailey, clearly a smart resourceful dog, had a sensible plan that would make the rescue efforts much easier. She walked ten miles right back to the Rescue League’s doors in Canutillo and rang the bell with her nose.

At 01.40, the surveillance camera on the doorbell caught an image of the clever dog.

“These dogs are smarter than people give them credit for,” Loretta Hyde, the Rescue League’s founder, told a K-Fox TV. “How did she know what direction to go? She was 10 miles away! What did she eat and drink during those days?”

The shelter team immediately got Bailey inside and shortly thereafter reunited her with her family.



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