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Magician's Sleight of Hand Foils Robbers

Magician David Copperfield and his two female assistants were robbed at gunpoint after a performance in West Palm Beach, Florida. But don't worry, nobody was hurt, and this story has a happy ending.

David Copperfield
David Copperfield | Wikipedia Commons

Copperfield has been described as the most commercially successful magician in history. His career of over 40 years has earned him 11 Guinness World Records and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And, on this fateful evening, he put his magic skills to good use.

According to a statement, Copperfield and staffers Cathy Daly and Mia Volmut were walking back to their tour bus after dinner when a black car pulled up beside them and two people got out. "At first we thought they were just more people wanting autographs," Copperfield said. "They told us to give them our money and our stuff. At that point we realized that there were guns in our face."

Daly and Volmut gave the robbers a purse containing cash and a cell phone, according to a police report. But Copperfield did what he does best.

He turned his pockets inside out to show that they were empty – a sleight of hand by the master illusionist – who later showed police that his pockets were filled with cell phones, a wallet and a passport. "Call it reverse pickpocketing," Copperfield later told the Palm Beach Post.

Copperfield took down the car's license plate and police officers quickly captured the suspects. The purse and property were recovered.



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