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Movie Fans Need to Know About Letterboxd

It calls itself the social network for film lovers.

Movie still featuring Martin Scorsese
Credit: Letterboxd

In a few short years, film-focused social platform Letterboxd has evolved from a niche product to one of the most important platforms in Hollywood - going beyond just being a film-fan hub, to becoming a taste-making service.

It now has 10 million active accounts and half of those are under 35 - with half of them between the ages 16 and 24. And their movie-watching-and-listing focus isn’t primarily on new movies as only a quarter of logged films annually are new. Rather, it’s a haven for users to share what older films they’re checking out.

That’s been a major boon to the repertory cinema market, especially in LA - the Academy Museum and the American Cinematheque have both reported an uptick in ticket sales from young people due to the platform’s popularity.

Letterboxd has used that older-movie love as a key advertising bargaining chip, serving ads for a filmmaker’s new movie to the people who routinely watch their previous work.

Letterboxd has become so influential that it’s even minted a few, for lack of a better word, influencers. Well, of course, everywhere you go there are influencers! But some of them are driving even more people to sign up to see what they’re watching.

And the most followed account? Well, that just so happens to be the master himself, Martin Scorsese (who’s now also a reigning champ on TikTok). Being the most-followed person on any platform in your 80s is about as rare as… well… a career like Scorsese’s.

Letterboxd is even spawning a new era of film clubs, like the Wes Anderson-curated Galerie. Some experts believe that Letterboxd may soon be so influential that going viral on the platform could even be make or break for a certain crop of movies to find success at the box office.


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