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Nature to Receive Royalties From Streaming Platforms

Sounds Right is the inspiring initiative that expects to raise millions for distribution amongst environmental causes.

River rapids
River sounds are included too.

The project is the brainchild of the Museum for the United Nations - UN Live, and will now see nature recognised as an official artist on major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Artists who use natural sounds in their recordings can choose to list 'Nature' as a featured artist - and a share of their profits will be distributed to environmental causes. "It's a way of saying to artists, 'We all use sounds like seagulls and waves and wind. Why don't we pay nature a royalty?'" says Brian Eno, who has remixed his David Bowie collaboration Get Real for the project.

"Hopefully it'll be a river, or a torrent, or a flood of royalties - and then what we do is distribute that among groups of people who are working on projects to help us deal with the future."

"The dream is that any artist who's interested in collaborating with nature is able to visit our website, download nature samples and tag nature on their tracks, with a portion of the royalties donated to high impact conservation initiatives," says UN Live programme director Gabriel Smales.

Nature's 'artist page' on Spotify will also include ambient recordings of the planet, from rainforests to ocean sounds. For those tracks, at least 70 percent of the profits will fund conservation programmes, says Smales.


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