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Northern Lights Photographer of the Year 2023

There aren’t many events as moving as seeing the Aurora Borealis paint the sky with hues of green and violet. Under this awe-inspiring phenomenon, each location becomes magical when the Aurora shines across the night sky.

The Sun is approaching the most active period of the solar cycle, which is great news for aurora photographers around the world. As such, Capture the Atlas’ annual Northern Lights Photographer of the Year collection is particularly vibrant this year, showcasing stunning light shows from southern Australia up to the Arctic.

Every year Dan Zafra, Editor-in-Chief of the travel photography blog Capture the Atlas, pulls together a couple dozen of the best images of the aurora taken that season. Now in its sixth year, this iteration of the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year collection features 25 photographers of 13 different nationalities, snapping images in 11 different countries.

Here are a handful of OGN's favourites...

Welsh lighthouse
“Island of Aurora” | Kat Lawman | Wales


Aurora in Alaska
“Storm Over Sukakpak” | Nickolas Warner | Alaska


Aurora in New Zealand
”Lost Who I Want To Be” | Jordan McInally | New Zealand


Northern lights in Norway
“The Arctic Dance” | Vincent Beudez | Norway


Sunset with aurora, Norway
“Waning Sun” | Alex Wides | Norway


Aurora in the Italian Dolomites
“Red Alert” | William Preite | Italy


Aurora over a waterfall in Iceland
“The dance of the green lady” | Luis Cajete | Iceland


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