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OGN Wednesday

Mid-week collection of good news snippets.

  • Boosted by President Trump's blooper mispronouncing the name of Yosemite National Park, the National Museum of American Jewish History has seen sales for a t-shirt with the saying "Yo Semite" skyrocket. During the signing of the Great American Outdoors Act last week, Trump pronounced Yosemite ("yo-sem-it-ee") as "yo semites" while extolling the beauty of the park - bungling the name even more - for good measure a moment later. Such mental acuity! Look out Biden.

  • Offshore Wind Energy: Global growth continues. It's good news for decarbonising our energy systems and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

  • Russia: Approves world's first Covid-19 vaccine despite not concluding phase 3 trials. Putin gets his daughter inoculated to demonstrate his faith.

  • UK: Eat Out to Help Out used 10.5m times in scheme's first week to help the hospitality industry. The scheme offers diners a 50% discount, up to £10 per person, at participating venues between Monday and Wednesday, typically the quietest days of the week.

  • Ghana: Bernice Dapaah launched Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative as a way to create local jobs and promote low-carbon transport. More than half of its employees are women and for every bike sold, one is given to a schoolchild to help that child save time getting to school.

  • US: Drive-In movies are coming to Walmarts across America - and every showing will be free.

  • Seattle: Every morning, a very independent dog leaves her house alone and gets on the bus with her bus pass. She’s on a mission: get to the dog park located in the heart of Downtown Seattle.

  • Levi Jeans: Now that it is legal to cultivate hemp across the US, clothing brands are increasingly considering turning to this much-beloved material. That's good news because it's often touted not only for its strength but also for being more sustainable than cotton, requiring less water and land space.

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