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Only Good News Thursday

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Bite sized chunks of good news to put a spring in your step.

Bee pollinating lavender bush
Pollinator Preference

Despite the importance of pollinators to the world’s food supply and ecosystem health, surprisingly little is known about which flowers many pollinator species prefer, which flowers are pollinated by which insects and how these interactions fluctuate over time. To help address this issue, the good news is that University of Sussex researchers have developed a new online database for the UK that documents the interactions between pollinators and plants, with the hope that it will give the public insight into how to strategically plant for pollinator species in support of biodiversity. Brits should check out the Database of Pollinator Interactions

Every Egg Matters

The Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle - the world’s smallest, rarest and most endangered - has a bit of good news: One of these imperilled turtles has laid eggs on a Texas beach for what is believed to be the first time ever. Conservationists are thrilled that the Kemp’s Ridley has nested in a new location, as it increases its odds for long term survival.

Ha Ha

Today's Barry Cryer joke: "Picasso was burgled and did a drawing of the robbers. Police arrested a horse and two sardines."

RR Spectre

It is widely known that British luxury carmaker Rolls-Royce has been working on the company’s first electric vehicle for a while now. The name, Spectre, suits the car perfectly. A silent, menacing creation. Powerful and edgy, but in profile, smooth, sleek, and elegant. Before its imminent and anticipated launch, Spectre will embark on the most demanding testing program ever conceived by the marque. Rolls-Royce’s shift toward becoming an all-electric brand by 2030 seems to be going strong, and we can’t wait to see iconic Rolls-Royces that will make us envious while being silent.


This is probably the most important document Joe Biden has ever signed. After more than a year of political wrangling, the President has approved the Inflation Reduction Act, signing into law the most sweeping climate and energy bill ever enacted in the United States. In total, independent analyses estimate that the bill’s climate provisions will reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent below 2005 levels by the end of the decade, achieving roughly two-thirds of Biden’s overall goal of halving emissions by 2030.

First in US

Washington is now the first state to require new buildings to have all-electric heating. Under the state’s new energy code, most new large apartment and commercial buildings must install heat pumps.


50 Percent: The share of public space in Singapore that must be in shade during the day, per government regulations.


Greening Chicago

Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot has announced that Chicago’s airports, libraries, and water-purification plants will be running on 100 percent clean energy by 2025. The initiative is expected to lower Chicago’s carbon footprint by over 290,000 metric tons per year. This eco-conscious move is part of a bigger plan to shift all city-wide operations to renewable sources, and following through with these plans will make Chicago one of the largest US cities to commit to clean energy.

Quote of the Day

“I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.” Louise Hay

On this Day

18 August 1920: the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified after Tennessee - by just one vote -became the 36th state to approve it, capping the 72-year fight to win women the right to vote in the United States.


Mood Booster

Hilarious clips of funny talking animals from the acclaimed BBC series: Walk on the Wild Side.


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