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OGN Friday

Bundle of uplifting news snippets to round off the week.

  • Joining a number of high-profile species rediscoveries in the last two years, a tiny elephant shrew - also known as the Somali sengi - has been found to still be with us, and in quite healthy numbers too. This diminutive incarnation of trunked-mammals races around, vacuuming up ants with its nose.

  • Scientists Furious with AFA: Scientists have an awful tendency to overuse complex, confusing, or otherwise indecipherable acronyms in their work. Thankfully, a plucky group of, uh, scientists, is here to try and keep them in line.

  • "Keep calm and eat an orange a day", says Britain’s oldest survivor of Covid-19. At 107, Angela Hutor has survived two world wars and five respiratory pandemics including the 1918 Spanish Flu.

  • Australia: A football team learn their club song in sign language so they can surprise one of their players, who is deaf.

  • Lockdown Health Benefits: 'You know what' turned the world upside down but it has also brought some silver linings, including some surprising health benefits.

  • Good news for Apple share holders as its stock market value exceeded $2 trillion this week, marking the first time ever a U.S. company has reached that milestone. It took the company many decades to reach $1 trillion for the first time back in August 2018, but only two years to double in value and hit $2 trillion.

  • The UK Government has been berated for locking down late and failing to implement a credible 'test and trace' app, and much else, but there is one success story that few are aware of. And you may wish to join it.

  • Breast cancer patients could avoid repeated hospital visits, after a new study found that a single dose of radiotherapy during surgery is just as effective as a more conventional course of multiple doses.

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