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Only Good News Articles

A handful of last week's most popular stories (and most watched video), just in case you missed any and would like to catch up.

Native American's Olympic Golds Finally Reinstated: Officials removed the Native American athlete’s victories from Olympic records in 1913. Which, as you might suspect, they should not have done.

Turns Out We've Been Storing Our Potatoes Incorrectly: This food advice u-turn could save you cash, help you avoid stinky cupboards, and keep food waste out of landfills.

Groundbreaking: Environmental groups are celebrating as US fossil fuel production hits another roadblock in the courts.

Searching for Trees: Since launching in 2009, this search engine has used its advertising dollars to finance the planting of more than 124 million trees. Time to switch from Google and make your online searches finance tree planting?

Food Expiry Dates Lead to 20 Percent of Food Waste: A vast amount of food is simply thrown away, despite being perfectly safe to eat. The poor labeling system is significantly to blame - and is in need of an overhaul.

Most watched video: Whale Gently Nudges Paddle Boarder - A drone captured the incredible moment a whale pushed a paddleboard with its fin.


Today's Magazine Articles

Nature TTL Photographer of the Year Awards 2022: The winning pictures capture wild animals in vivid clarity.

Could this be 2022's Greenest Innovation? Sweden’s remarkable wooden skyscraper captures as much carbon as 10,000 forests.

Love Still Blooms: A couple shows their love is still blooming 40 years on by recreating a photo they took when they first got together.

Trees Make Ethereal Music: Silent tree activity, like photosynthesis, produces a small voltage in the leaves. An engineer has transformed this into weirdly wonderful music.

Giant Magellan Telescope: The most potent telescope ever created; its cameras will be used in conjunction with JWST.

Today's Videos

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