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Owl Adopts Rescue Chicks

A wildlife artist in Britain captured on film the very moment when, seeing a pair of rescued owlets in her nest, a tawny owl whose eggs had failed immediately adopts them with a cuddle and a clean.

Perhaps surprisingly, raptors are often some of the animal kingdom’s most devoted parents, spouses, and homemakers - and the video captured by Robert Fuller, a devoted observer of their behaviour - is a touching reminder of that.

Fuller's website contains blog articles written about the wildlife that visit his garden and the area around it, which includes several tawny owls who nest in boxes and hollows which Fuller has rigged with nest cams.

Over the years he has documented the relationship between Luna and Bomber, a tawny owl mating pair that have raised several owlets in his makeshift hollows. Luna herself is a rescue owl, and her story therefore completes the circle in many ways.


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