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Solar-Powered Home on Wheels

Calling all nomads requiring strong eco-credentials for their home and their travels!

As electric cars gain traction, a team of Dutch students from Eindhoven University is taking a big leap into the future and embarking on an 1,800 mile (2,896km) Euro trip in a solar-powered vehicle. What makes the project even more interesting is the fact that this vehicle, called Stella Vita, doubles up as a home on wheels.

The coolest feature of the vehicle is its expandable roof system. When off the road, an electric system pushes the roof further up, and two additional panels pop out increasing the solar capture area to 188 sq. ft (17.5 sq.m), twice as much compared to when the vehicle is mobile, Underneath, the area of the living space is almost six and a half feet (2m) making it a comfortable habitat for two with a sofa, table, bed, shower, and a kitchen.

The team now plans to go on a month-long road trip from the Netherlands to the southern tip of Spain, meeting up with people on the way and spread their story. They will also visit universities to help inspire other students toget creative and meet up with politicians in a bid to nudge them to take necessary actions to fight climate change.

If you thought that solar power would be slowing them down, the vehicle is capable of clocking over 450 miles (730km) every day. However, the journey is not about how quickly the trip can be made. Instead, it will be a demonstration that a solar vehicle home is a good investment in the long run.


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