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Some Interesting New Words Added to

As the website says: "It’s 2024, and the pace of language change is as rapid as it has ever been. Our lexicographers are updating the dictionary more frequently than ever, doing the human-scale work of documenting words across the vast spectrum of the always-evolving English language."

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327 new entries have just been added. Here are some of OGN's favourites.

girl dinner 
(noun) An often attractively presented collection of snacks that involve little preparation, such as small quantities of cold cuts, cheese, fruit, cherry tomatoes, etc., deemed sufficient to constitute a meal for one.

slow fashion (noun) A movement among clothing producers and consumers that emphasizes eco-friendly, well-made clothing, maintenance and repair of garments to extend their lifespan, and a general reduction of one’s consumption of new clothing items.

 (adjective) Mediocre, unimpressive, or disappointing.

(noun) An intense feeling of infatuation that is not romantic or sexual in nature; a platonic crush.

bussin’ (adjective) Great; wonderful; amazing.

Barbiecore (noun) An aesthetic or style featuring playful pink outfits, accessories, decor, etc., celebrating and modeled on the wardrobe of the Barbie doll.

skiplagging (noun) The practice of purchasing an air ticket for a flight with a layover at one’s true destination, getting off at the layover point, and skipping the last leg of the flight: a workaround to avoid paying a higher fare for a direct flight to one’s destination.

 (noun) The gradual degradation of an online platform or service’s functionality, as part of a cycle in which the platform or service first offers benefits to users to attract them, then pursues more and more profits at the expense of users.

pretty privilege (noun) An unearned and mostly unacknowledged societal advantage that a person has by fitting into the beauty standards of their culture.

shacket (noun) A garment in the style of a button-down shirt, made of a thicker fabric and usually worn over other shirts.


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