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Son Buys Mother's Car 40 Years After She Died

Last month, John Berry, finally realised a 40 year dream. One that came with a few extra happy surprises.

John's mother owned a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme when she passed away unexpectedly when he was 15 years old. John's dad kept the car for a while but eventually sold it to a collector in the 1980s, reports GNN.

John never had the chance to own much of his mom’s personal belongings after she passed, but he always dreamed of one day finding her Oldsmobile and buying it back for himself. He had so many fond memories of riding around in the convertible as a child with his siblings and his mother. So, started a decades long hunt for that distinctive olive green car.

But, now married to Shannon, he finally found the car. “Each time John contacted him, he was never interested in selling the car,” she said. “Thankfully, he was a ‘car guy’ and collector of classic Buick, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile cars.” So, they knew he was taking good care of the green convertible.

Then, out of the blue last month, he wrote to John saying he’d had a ‘change of heart’ and was ready to pass ownership to him, knowing it would mean a lot to an original family member.

The car is all-original, and has only 42,000 miles on the odometer. And, once it had arrived in Union, Kentucky, John even found some of his mom’s belongings still in the glove box - her sunglasses, maps of trips she’d taken, some earrings, an unused postage stamp from 1971, and a comb.


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