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Spicy Chicken Nugget Gets Adopted

A sassy kitten named 'Spicy Chicken Nugget' has found a forever home after a photo and hilarious description of the feline went viral on social media.

Kitten named Spicy Chicken Nugget
Humane Society of Harlingen

Looking cute and cuddly is usually the most effective approach for homeless animals when it comes to getting adopted, but this kitten chose violence. This is what the Humane Society of Harlingen in Texas wrote on Facebook:

"My name is spicy chicken nugget. I've been seeing my photo going around. Here's the deal - Everybody knows I'm the boss around here.

I should probably let you know right away that I hate everything. That's right, hoomans, hate ‘em; toys, ain't got time; snuggles? barf; head scratches? Don't touch me. You want to pick me up? I'm a black belt in karate.

There are few things I will tolerate, but DON'T get too cozy too quick, foolish hooman. Food? Well I gotta eat, don't I??? A nice warm bed? A guy's gotta rest!! A little peace and quiet? I need it more than anyone!!

Someone please rescue me and give me the kingdom I rightfully DESERVE and maybe, just maybe, you'll turn me into a mushy loving chicken nugget. HA! DON'T COUNT ON IT! Now get out of my way - I think I'll take a jog around the room.

You're STILL here?? Might as well donate to the hoomans taking care of me! Okay NOW I'm leaving."

Well, social media users quickly fell in love with Spicy Chicken Nugget and he was adopted the next day.

The shelter posted an update to let people know he had found a forever home.



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