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Superyacht With Solar Sails Doesn't Need Wind

Florida-based Norwegian designer Kurt Strand has revealed a 160m superyacht concept called Florida and it's a beauty! Better yet, it comes with some advanced futuristic sailing technology.

"When we are talking about sails, most people probably think about white sails, made from sail cloth. This Yacht however is different. It has space-age technology wing masts made from carbon fiber. Three 80m tall wing sails are electro-hydraulic telescopic retractable," says the press release.

"If that alone isn’t beyond spectacular, the wing sails are even covered with the latest state of art solar panels. In case of no wind, this superyacht can transform into "solar sail" mode."

You might be wondering: what happens when it's windy and the yacht can sail on its own? During that time, the boat can produce electric power from its solar panels. There's also a built-in system that washes and polishes the wing mast every time it retracts, ensuring it can produce maximum solar power.

Power is stored in the battery bank and can be used for Hydrogen production. The yacht is also equipped with fitted hydro generators, which also produce electric power.

"Compared to a traditional yacht in the same size, the fuel reduction is about 90 percent, but under ideal weather conditions, this yacht will produce more power than it will be using," continues the press release.

In terms of amenities, the yacht is the very definition of luxury. It's got all the toys, facilities and accommodation that even the most demanding multi-billionaire will enjoy. But perhaps the most impressive 'inclusion' is the 12m electric-powered Beach Cruiser, an amphibious and submersible limousine tender that can drive all the way up the beach. Now Kurt Strand has just got to find a very rich, environmentally minded person to buy one!


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