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The $20 Million Volvo

The owner wants $20 million not just for the car, but for something attached to it...

Paying for personalised licence plates is a funny business. You essentially pay the government to have something other than your usual plate on your car to make it feel more special. Some people like this and buy them, others don't see the point and claim it's a waste of money.

Sometimes these things can sell for hundreds if not thousands of pounds of dollars, but what if we told you there's an owner in New York who wants $20 million for the 'New York' licence plate on his old Volvo estate.

The private seller posted their rather knackered looking ’90s Volvo V70 onto the DuPont Registry asking for this insane amount of money. With the sale, you will get the Volvo as well as the plate which can then be transferred to almost any vehicle.

The license plate has been in the seller’s family since the 1970s, and was a lucky purchase all those years ago. New York was actually the first US state to require license plates in 1901, but it wasn't until 1977 when you could start purchasing custom vanity plates.

With this being the only street-legal “New York” New York plate in existence, it's quite a rare sight and would be very desirable to many people, but would someone actually pay $20 million for it?


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