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Trio of New Ultra-Compact Electric City Cars

These two-seater electric microcars are designed for short hops and small spaces, all with a minimal footprint - both to manufacture and run.

It’s not particularly surprising to find that progress in the manufacture of cars on the other end of the size spectrum from SUVs, comes primarily from specialist European carmakers - where cramped infrastructure and a long tradition of compact runarounds makes these all-electric little challengers a natural fit. Here are three of the latest microcars to get you zipping around town.

Microlino electric city car
Microlino electric city car | Microlino)

Manufactured by a Swiss company, the two-seater (which offers 3 trim options) has a range of 141 miles and can hurtle along at up to 55mph. Evoking the post-war bubble car aesthetic, complete with a front-opening door that reference the original 1953 Iso Isetta, the Microlino has four wheels, with a wider track at the front. From around $19,000 and available via

Silence S04 electric city car
Silence S04 electric city car | Silence

Spanish manufacturer Silence has revealed the launch edition of its S04, an ultra-compact two-seater that is even shorter than the Microlino and has the added benefit of removeable battery packs. Top speed is 52mph, and with fully charged twin batteries deployed, the range is around 92 miles. Luggage space is surprisingly capacious at 247 litres. The SO4 can turn in just 3.5m, the same width as a single track road. If you fancy one of these little beauties, head to and splash out $20,000.

Citroën AMI Charleston Biancone
Citroën AMI Charleston Biancone | Biancone

The new Citroën AMI Charleston Biancone is a Franco-Italian collaboration. Starting with the acclaimed but robustly lo-fi Citroën AMI microcar (actually a quadricycle, for legal reasons, like the two vehicles mentioned above), the Italian designer Massimo Biancone has funked up the design with a colour scheme inspired by Citroën’s beloved 2CV Charleston. However, the AMI’s battery provides a range of just 46 miles with a top speed of just 28mph - which is reflected in its starting price of about $9,700. Slow and steady, but definitely stylish - and available via


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