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Positive News Thursday

Today's eclectic bundle of positive news nuggets from around the globe.

Elvis Presley
Elvis | Unsplash

Tennessee has made history by signing the Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security Act (ELVIS Act), becoming the first piece of legislation specially designed to protect artists from unlawful AI mimicry. Governor Bill Lee emphasized the significance of this act, saying, “Tennessee is the music capital of the world, and we’re leading the nation with historic protections for TN artists and songwriters against emerging AI technology.” Individuals will be barred from using artificial intelligence to imitate an artist’s voice without agreement under the ELVIS Act - another example of a carefully constructed 'backronym' - ensuring that musicians retain control over their digital likenesses.


The BBC has been known to pull the odd April Fools' Day hoax, but the broadcaster was the butt of the joke this year after being pranked by Blenheim Palace. Staff at the country house in the Oxfordshire town of Woodstock claimed that newly found evidence indicated a Woodstock festival had taken place there exactly 200 years before the famed US event of the same name. BBC Oxford reported the news, after missing a clue that the news was fake: the line-up at the supposed 1769 festival was said to include singer Vincent Furnier - which is the real name of "rock legend" Alice Cooper, said the BBC after the palace owned up to the prank - and the BBC pulled the story from its news feed.

Cat’s Eye Nebula
Spectacular image of the Cat’s Eye Nebula
Cosmic Beauty

The Cat’s Eye Nebula, also known as NGC 6543, is a planetary nebula located 3,000 lightyears away in the constellation Draco. It was one of the first planetary nebula to be discovered, and is a wonderful example of this very special kind of cosmic cloud. Planetary nebulae are one of the final stages of a Sun-like star, as they run out of fuel and begin losing their outer layers into space. Planetary nebulae don’t actually have anything to do with planets: they’re called so because they often have a spherical, puffed-out appearance like a planet.

Barbie The Movie: In Concert
New experience for Barbie fans
Barbie's Back!

If like millions of people, you were a fan of Barbie last year, you’ll soon be able to watch the movie in Barbie Land. Barbie The Movie: In Concert is coming to venues across America this summer, featuring screenings of the movie with a live, all-female orchestra, an immersive Barbie Land experience, and, of course, limited-edition merch. We expect there to be a lot of pink.

Surprise Guest

A woman's dying wish was fulfilled when the "Grim Reaper" turned up at her funeral. Sharon Taffs "planned every part" of her memorial before passing away from breast cancer, said the BBC - including making her daughter promise that the mythological character would make an appearance and point to people saying "you're next" as a joke. The role was fulfilled by a family friend, said daughter Louise Miller, who told the broadcaster that her mother "didn't want people crying, dressed in black and being sad". And "if you research the Grim Reaper, he transports the soul to where it's going, so he's not actually a bad person", she added.

Krispy Kreme total eclipse donuts
Credit: Krispy Kreme
Eclipse Donut

Krispy Kreme is celebrating the solar eclipse in a sweet way. From 5 to 8 April, the donut spot is selling its Total Solar Eclipse donut. The limited-edition, Oreo-packed treat is honoring the rare celestial event occurring in North America on 8 April. The Total Solar Eclipse donut takes an original glazed donut and dips it in black chocolate icing. It is then topped with silver sprinkles and Oreo buttercream. The Oreo details don’t stop there: There is an entire cookie in the middle of the donut.


“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Marilyn Monroe

On This Day

Bill Gates and Paul Allen

4 April 1975: Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft.


Mood Booster

Caught on camera for the first time: hornbill plucks bats mid-flight.


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