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Top Trio of Uplifting Articles

Three of last week's most popular articles (including an hilarious one), plus the most watched mood boosting video.

Writing on the sand saying: Good News Only!

Most watched video: Dog Thinking Through a Problem - This is what happens when you've got a giant stick, a narrow bridge, and no thumbs!

Today's Articles

What Went Right Last Week: Synopsis of all the good news from around the world.

National Treasure: Trees thought extinct for 2 million years discovered, and then kept secret for 30 years.

Seaweed Packaging: The world’s first scalable replacement to single-use plastic packaging has just been launched. Hooray!

Artistic Craft: A British artist is keeping the centuries old craft of fore-edge book painting alive.

Chuckle-Worthy: Random collection of wise but amusing quotations.

Epigenetics: Analysis shows that plants can pass on climate adaptation tips to their offspring.


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