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Ways to Cultivate Peace During a Work Day

Never fear, Superhero. You are not alone. We live in a relentlessly demanding world. Of course, you are more than capable of rising to the occasion, but it's important to remember to cultivate moments of peace so you don't compromise your greater sense of well-being.

When emails pile up, deadlines approach, and stress begins to nibble, the true Superhero is committed to not only take a moment of pause, but to make work/life balance the cornerstone of all that s/he does, says the Chopra Centre. Here are five ways they recommend for cultivating peace throughout your day.

Just breathe: Try to do this every hour. Inhale deeply and fully into the belly, feeling it expand and fill like a balloon. Exhale completely, perhaps even with an audible sigh of relief. Repeat three times and enjoy the immediate calm that follows this rush of fresh oxygen - the most critical nutrient for optimal brain health, clarity, and function. Between breath breaks, remember to practice good posture. A tall, straight spine will increase oxygen inflow by five percent or more.

Let the light in: Natural light offers countless positive effects on our physiology. If you don’t work near a window, make sure to step outside during the day (as often as possible) and get that natural vitamin D. The light and the exercise will do you the power of good. During winter months most experts recommend taking a daily supplement.

Smell the roses: Our sense of smell is the most sensitive and responsive of them all, and aromatherapy is scientifically proven to induce a number of positive effects to the mind and body. If you choose candles or essential oils that remind you of joyous times, you can bring some added joy and peace to your day. It's worth remembering that our olfactory receptors can become dull if we are constantly exposed to the same smells, so don’t be afraid to try new aromas.

Be green: Science tells us that being around plants and flowers can increase energy levels, induce relaxed feelings, and even improve relationships. Make your desk at home a natural sanctuary by adding some live plants and feel the calmness it brings. Have a look at the two best indoor houseplants recommended for their health benefits, and the ease of caring for them.

Mobile desk: You almost certainly don’t always need to work at a desk. If you have a virtual meeting, for instance, why not take the call while you walk outside? It’s now generally regarded as acceptable to do so, and research tells us being outside can improve memory performance and attention by 20 percent or more.

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