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Who Gives a Crap: Time to Flush Your Ex?

Humorous initiative calls on singles to finally get rid of old love letters or cards they’ve been holding on to, and get them turned into recycled toilet paper.

Flush Your Ex campaign logo
Credit: Who Gives a Crap

Eco-friendly toilet paper brand Who Gives A Crap, has researched the post-heartbreak habits of Americans, revealing that almost two thirds of people hold on to relationship relics after a break up. However, the study also shows that seven-in-10 agree that physically removing reminders of their ex-partner helps them move on. So, Who Gives A Crap is offering the heartbroken the ideal opportunity of relieving themselves of the past and 'flush' their exes to find the perfect closure in time for Valentine's Day.

The 'Flush Your Ex' initiative invites the public to send in old love letters and cards and have them transformed into the brand’s sustainable, 100 percent recycled toilet paper - and, of course, thereby help support the reduction of deforestation. With it, the brand reckons it will provide a cathartic way to dispose of mementos ahead of a holiday that can pull at the heartstrings and leave the broken hearted ruminating on the past.

By turning their cursed correspondence into eco-friendly recycled toilet paper, jilted exes can put heartbreak to the good use of helping the planet while healing their hearts, all while knowing someone somewhere will wipe their bum with those sweet nothings.

Those looking to flush their ex can visit here to find out where to send their love letters, notes, and cards.


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