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Wings of Desire: The 2023 Audubon Photo Awards

As any ornithologist will tell you, birds are wonderful, funny and expressive animals, so it's no surprise they also make such incredible subjects for nature photo competitions.

The 2023 Audubon Photography Awards return to show off the most fabulous feathered finds captured in the wild by some very talented snappers. Formed over a century ago, the National Audubon Society has hundreds of chapters across the US. Named after 19th century artist John Audubon, known for his bird illustrations, the annual contest aims to spotlight a huge range of bird behavior across North America.

Penguin diving off the ice
Chinstrap Penguin, by Karen Blackwood (Amateur Winner) | National Audubon Society

Verdin and cane cholla
Verdin and cane cholla, by Linda Scher (Plants for Birds Winner) | National Audubon Society

Bird being splashed by water
Dunlin, by Kieran Barlow (Youth Winner) | National Audubon Society

Pair of rock pigeons
Rock Pigeons, by Liron Gertsman (Grand Prize Winner) | National Audubon Society

Atlantic puffin sitting on a rock
Atlantic Puffin, by Shane Kalyn (Professional Winner) | National Audubon Society

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