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Nature inFocus Photography Awards 2023

Nature inFocus Photography Awards has announced its winners during a ceremony held in Bangalore, India. The winners were selected from 24,000 images of wildlife submitted by over 1,500 photographers.

“The Nature inFocus Photography Awards has grown to become a meeting place for national and international photographers,” says Rohit Varma, one of the founders of Nature inFocus. “Every year, we see images that reveal new facets of our natural world while shining a light on pertinent global conservation issues. We are thrilled to see the growth in the number of participants and the geographical locations. It truly has become an international platform for wildlife photographers!”

Below you can enjoy some of OGN's favourite images from the winners of this year's contest but you can take a look at all the winners on the Nature inFocus website.

Pair of Nubian ibexes
“The Things You Do for Love” by Amit Eshel | Winner, Wildscape & Animals in Their Habitat.

“Looks like the set for the next Mission Impossible, but for Nubian Ibexes, the high-altitude rocky terrains are home. The vulnerable ibex species is known for many things–large semi-circular horns, the ability to scale mountains with ease and the territorial fights that males engage in during the rutting season. Displays of dominance begin with showing off their impressive horns. If that doesn't do the trick, it's time to escalate by pushing and shoving the opponent and literally locking horns with them. Ibexes also stand on their hind legs as they get ready to strike.”


Pod of Spinner Dolphins
“Lights Will Guide You Home” by Merche Llobera | Special Mention, Animal Behaviour.

“A pod of Spinner Dolphins dives back into the beautifully lit waters of the Pacific Ocean, creating this stunning scene of a cetacean avalanche. One of the dolphins can be seen gazing into the camera lens, adding a touch of curiosity and connection to the frame.”


Pair of Indian Skimmers
“Skimmer Love” by Padmanava Santra | Special Mention, Creative Nature Photography.

“The atmospheric blue brushstrokes, the warm sunset glow on the orange bills of the Indian Skimmers and the bokeh on the water body; what’s not to love about this image?”


Green Emerald Gecko
“Gecko’s Garage” by Vidyun Hebbar | Special Mention, Young Photographer.

“The Andaman Day Gecko or the Green Emerald Gecko is a bright-colored gecko endemic to the Andaman islands. The young photographer was on vacation when he spotted this shy creature lurking inside a chandelier light.”


A Brown Booby
“Inspector Booby” by Suliman Alatiqi | Winner, Animal Portraits.

“Brown Boobys spend a significant portion of their lives in the open ocean. Their clumsy nature on land earned them their namesake, derived from the Spanish word bobo, which means stupid or daft. They are excellent foragers of the sea and plunge-dive to feed on anything from anchovies and sardines to squid and shrimp. The photographer watched this individual dipping its head underwater at short intervals and got in position to capture a close-up portrait of the bird from the perspective of its fated prey.”


Bonobo ape
“The Bonobo and His Pet” by Christian Ziegler | Winner, Animal Portraits.

“The last great ape to be described, the Bonobo, is one of our closest living relatives. Here, a wild Bonobo who caught a mongoose pup is looking after it like a pet. He later released the animal unharmed. This behavior has only been recorded once before by Prof Barbara Fruth at this site.”

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