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Daily Good News! headline

Worldwide Good News

It may come as a bit of a surprise to most of the world's mainstream media - who seem to prefer publishing a relentless stream of doom - but there's lots of good news out there! And OGN Daily, by contrast, only seeks out the best good news worldwide and shares it every day with its readers. OGN Daily's objective is simple: to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face by publishing positive, uplifting and optimistic news, stories and snippets.

 A little psychological holiday. A boost to your wellbeing. An escape from the all encompassing gloom, as presented by mainstream print and visual media. With editors in Europe, America, Canada, Asia and Africa, OGN tracks down worldwide good news, checks it, curates it, and shares it with its readers and subscribers. And it's all 100% free. Readers can check the website at any time or choose to have some daily good news delivered daily by email by signing up. It only takes a moment, and OGN promises to never share your details with anyone else. Ever.


The worldwide good news published by OGN Daily takes many forms and covers numerous subjects and countries. Some of it is in-depth and serious, but occasionally it isn't. Readers tell us they like the balance. What's your opinion? Please tell us by contacting us. Also, if you have any news, ideas, videos or pictures you would like to tell us about, please do.

The OGN Daily is only available online. It's 100% free. OGN Daily grows organically courtesy of our readers sharing our good news stories and telling friends and family about us. Hopefully you will too. To get an all encompassing flavour of our worldwide good news stories, go to All News. From there, you can surf off in any direction you choose, exploring whatever interests you most. Categories include wellbeing, environment, lifestyle, news, entertainment, technology etc.  Enjoy!

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