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 News that's Beneficial to Mental Health

Unfortunately, most news published by the world's media or broadcast on TV is anything but positive or uplifting. Only Good News Daily takes a completely opposite view. Everything we publish is designed to be beneficial to everyone's mental health.


OGN Daily's mission is simple: to seek out and publish nothing but uplifting news from around the world. Every day. News that's beneficial to our readers' mental health, allowing everyone to enjoy good news that's carefully edited and curated by our dedicated editors sprinkled across the globe. And, as they all acknowledge it's good for their mental health too. Frankly, that's one of the primary reasons the editors are involved and give so much of their time for free.


Whilst OGN Daily rarely features articles specifically on the subject of mental health, every article, news snippet, video or story is - we believe - beneficial to mental health. They're always positive, sunny, uplifting and optimistic. What could be better?

Sometimes, all it takes to boost mental wellbeing is a gorgeous photograph. Like a joyous, celebratory jump on a beach. 








Or it could be an inspiring, hopeful, look on the bright side in the form of a video. Who could ever tire of the mood boosting qualities of David Attenborough's voice-over on Louis Armstrong's classic? 


You can visit whenever the mood suits you or enjoy finding a quick summary of uplifting news in your email in-box every morning by signing up to our daily bulletin. It's totally free! And only takes a few seconds. 

The All News section of OGN Daily features everything we publish and, from there, you can venture forth to the subjects that interest you most. 

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