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Flowers blooming in Spring

Exploring the Upside

OGN Daily likes to think the glass is half full, not half empty. We prefer to focus on the upside, examine the positives and take an optimistic view. We believe it's important to be positive and, of course, realistic too.  Our mission at OGN Daily is to brighten your day and bring you all the best, uplifting good news every day. Why not sign up and have the day's good news e-newsletter delivered every morning to your in-box? It's free and only takes 10 seconds to sign up. And if, one day, you decide that you're fed up with good news when you wake up, it only takes one click to unsubscribe.

So, how do we explore the upside at Only Good News Daily? Well, we have a team of editors sprinkled around the world looking for all the best stories across all news and social media platforms. They pick the most inspiring, lovingly curate them and then share them with our readers. Most of our readers, by the way, come from recommendations from other readers.

It's great to share good news!

Every day we publish a round-up of all the brightest news snippets from around the globe, together with half a dozen more in-depth articles and interviews. These are occasionally accompanied by an uplifting or inspiring video, just for a bit of entertainment - it's good to laugh and smile! Videos like this dance compilation spanning the last five decades.

A classic example of exploring the upside was our story about the word 'viral' - and showing it doesn't always have negative connotations, particularly in the time of coronavirus. A lady in Florida had a bright idea and called it Pandemic of Love. She posted it on Instagram and went to bed. She woke in the morning to find responses had flooded in (it had gone viral) and, within a couple of months, had succeeded in raising over $13m for people in need. 

So, what do you feel like reading about today? Go to All News and surf around...

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