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OGN Daily

Only Good News Daily publishes a selection of good news snippets and a handful of in-depth articles every day. With one purpose in mind: to brighten your day and, whenever possible, put a smile on your face. Our editors scours the globe to source all the best uplifting, positive news in order to share it with our worldwide readership. 

Every day at 07.00 UK time, OGN Daily emails the latest good news to its subscribers in the form of an e-newsletter. It’s free, and it only takes a few seconds to sign up. And you can easily unsubscribe whenever you wish. Of course, you can visit the website at any time, day or night, to enjoy catching up on the latest good news. 

According to Ofcom, the UK media regulator, Brits are increasingly avoiding the news entirely as they can't bear the relentless negativity. Research by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford found that last year some 35% of Britons said they often or sometimes avoided the news, and found that the main reason for people avoiding news was: “It has a bad effect on my mood.”


That goes a long way towards explaining the popularity of OGN Daily! We will continue to try and provide some balance against the drip, drip of negativity in the mainstream media, with the objective of enabling our readers to immerse themselves - whenever they feel the need - in only good news. A little psychological holiday. A mental health booster. Something to put a spring in your step.

All we ask, if you enjoy receiving our daily upbeat news, is that you kindly tell your friends and spread the good news about OGN Daily.

So, what do you feel like reading about today? Go to All News and surf around....

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