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No News is Good News

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Brits are increasingly avoiding the news, according to Ofcom, the media regulator.

It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive for OGN Daily to publish a story with a headline like 'No News is Good News' but, actually, it gives this nascent news outlet a perfect opportunity to blow its own trumpet.

New research further proves that what people actually want is good news. Not necessarily all of the time, but definitely more of the time. And, judging by OGN's worldwide subscriber base, it's not just Brits who like their news to be positive and uplifting.

Research by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) in Oxford found that last year some 35 percent of Britons said they often or sometimes avoided the news, and this was particularly so amongst people who relied on social media as their main source of news. No big surprise there!

Research by the RISJ found that the main reason for people avoiding news was: “It has a bad effect on my mood.”

Of course, in reality, you have to keep reasonably abreast of what's going on in the news (which, sadly, and not just these days, is generally predominantly doom-laden) but the data from Ofcom and RISJ has put a big spring in the step of the team at OGN Daily.

We will continue to try and provide some balance against the drip, drip of negativity in the mainstream media, with the objective of enabling our readers to immerse themselves - whenever they feel the need - in only good news. A little psychological holiday. A mental health booster. An escape from the all encompassing doom and gloom, as too often presented by the 'big boys' in mainstream print and visual media.

Please share the good news by telling friends and family about OGN.

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