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Aerial view of a forest

Positive News about the Environment

Whilst many choose not to, OGN Daily likes to focus on positive news about the environment. After all, there's an incredible amount being done by nations, cities, companies and people to help the environment and, by extension, humanity.

We regularly hear about tree planting programmes and love sharing them with our readers. For example, the EU is promising to plant 2 billion trees over the next 10 years, and Canada is doing the same. And isn't it great to know that Pakistan intends to dwarf these two projects by planting 10 billion trees in an initiative 'nurturing nature' and, simultaneously come to the economic rescue of thousands of people who will be paid to plant them.

Meanwhile, A New York City-based start-up called C16 Biosciences has discovered a way of producing oil with very similar chemical and functional properties to palm oil. This is more positive news for the environment! Why? Well, putting a permanent halt to the advance of palm oil cultivation will stop people destroying rainforests to make space for growing palms.

Trees, of course, are only part of the solution. Mankind needs to step up to the plate and significantly reduce its predilection for polluting the planet. But every week, OGN Daily publishes articles that clearly demonstrate the mankind is doing just that. All around the world, governments and companies are increasingly doing their bit.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, everyone discovered how wonderful it was to breathe cleaner air and to, once again, be able to see distant mountains. The mood shifted. Many national leaders noticed. A sense of optimism ensued, as people demanded that when the world emerges from the ravages of coronavirus, it must do so in a manner that's better for both people and planet. It looks likely that this might indeed be the case as cities are transformed into bicycle and pedestrian focused environments. Even Mark Carney, a former Governor of the Bank of England, argued that even the economy must yield to human values, and focus on planetary health.

Take a look at OGN's collection of present and past good news articles about the environment.

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