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Coming Soon: Paddington in Peru

In good news for fans of marmalade and an accident prone little bear, the third film in the franchise is on its way and will hit cinemas in November. Enjoy the first official trailer below.

Still from Paddington in Peru movie
Credit: StudioCanal

The movie will follow Paddington's return to Peru to find Aunt Lucy, who has escaped from the Home for Retired Bears. A major change of scene from the first two movies, which were both based in London - but the Brown family will also travel with him to Peru.

Once again it's an all-star cast. As before, Ben Whishaw will star as the voice of the marmalade-loving bear, with Aunt Lucy still voiced by Imelda Staunton. Hugh Bonneville, Dame Julie Walters (in her first film role in three years), Madeleine Harris and Samuel Joslin also return. However, Sally Hawkins has handed the role of Mrs Brown to Emily Mortimer.

Another addition to the cast, Olivia Colman, stars as a guitar-playing nun who works at the Home for Retired Bears. She tells Paddington and co that Aunt Lucy is "on some sort of quest". He then embarks on a mission to find her, with the help of a boat captain, voiced by another newcomer, Antonio Banderas.

Want to see the trailer? No problem...


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