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Prime Ministers' Lecterns

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Another British Prime Minister, another lectern.

Liz Truss standing behind her lectern in Downing Street
Liz Truss | Wikipedia

Rishi Sunak unveiled another lectern this week as he addressed the country from Downing Street after taking over as Britain's 57th Prime Minister. The incoming premier opted for a less quirky podium after Liz Truss's was compared to a Jenga tower – the block-building game which eventually collapses.

According to reports, there wasn't enough time to craft a new lectern, so the former Chancellor, 42, decided to use an old one with a pale wood. Although, as the photo shows, it doesn't appear to be one of the podiums used by his four predecessors. Presumably there's a room somewhere in 10 Downing Street rammed full of them awaiting the whim of the current incumbent.

Being the shortest male occupant of Number 10 since Winston Churchill at just 5ft 6inches tall, Rishi Sunak's lectern was also smaller than his former boss Boris Johnson's.

David Cameron went for a curved lectern in light-coloured varnished wood, Theresa May for a more traditional design in stained cedar wood, while Boris Johnson used a presidential style in dark wood favoured by US politicians.

New Labour, by contrast, deployed a rather down-at-heel lectern on wheels that was used by Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

Brits are no doubt hoping they don't get to see yet another podium in the near future.



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