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Retro-Cool Lámpago Electric Trike

The fun-looking short-haul ride merges urban e-trike vibes with vintage micro-car design, offers luxury seating for two, a bunch of branded accessories and even includes a spare tire mounted to the back.

It's Lámpago first electric vehicle and looks perfect for an emissions-free drive to the beach or grocery store. The vehicle lacks pedals but rides as a moped in Europe - which may require an appropriate permit - throttling up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph). So, not a speedy mode of transport but, if the sun's out, and you haven't got far to go, who cares?

Lámpago electric trike
Credit: Lámpago

It has a relatively small battery that's good for between 30 and 50 km (19 - 31 miles) for every three hours on charge, and anyone who wants one can choose from a range of body and fabric colours.

Elsewhere, there's a digital dash at the centre of the motorcycle-style handlebar, with an analog timepiece underneath, a funky LED headlight rising out of the hood, and a bunch of accessories such as a branded umbrella, thermos flask and key holder.

Lámpago, based in Turkey, says export pricing starts at US$10,860. The video below offers brief a look around.


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