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Rolling Surf

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Ignore this if you're lucky enough to live beside the sea.

If, however, you don't, then this Hawaii beach-cam on Ehukai Beach on Oahu’s famous North Shore, with the sight and sound of waves breaking, never fails to soothe. This is the home of the Banzai Pipeline - one of the most famous surf break in the world. While the biggest waves roll through in the winter (mainly January and February), the cam streams year-round.

One of the OGN Daily team left this playing in the background all night last night, and says she felt like she was holiday and, compared to recently, rarely slept so well. Another kept it running on his laptop during the day, enjoying the feeling of escaping isolation and watching the occasional ripped dude surf a few breaks or a gorgeous babe self-practicing yoga on the beach.


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