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Three Signs You May Need More Vitamin D

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Those of us living in the northern hemisphere at this time of year are very unlikely to be getting enough vitamin D from sunshine. Here are three warning signs to look out for and how to fix it.

Man, sitting on a sofa, rubbing his eyes

Low mood: Vitamin D deficiency is holistic, putting the whole body at risk, including our mental wellbeing. Research has established a link between low mood and insufficient vitamin D intake, so if you have mood health concerns, vitamin D levels could be a good place to start.

Poor immune resilience: Vitamin D is essential to immune health, so if you find yourself regularly getting colds or feeling sick a lot, or you just want to boost your overall immune health, vitamin D is a critical factor.

Brain fog: Vitamin D supports daily brain function, so low levels of intake could result in brain fog or fatigue. For more, see Vitamin D: Also Good for Brain Health

Apart from popping a daily vitamin D supplement, what's the best natural way of getting a good vitamin D intake (in the absence of sunshine)? See: Best Sources of Vitamin D


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