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104 Year Old Finally Gets His PhD

Updated: May 7, 2022

At the age of 104, Lucio Chiquito Caicedo has just completed his doctoral degree program at the University of Manchester. Thus proving that it's never to late to achieve your dreams!

Lucio finally completed his doctoral degree last month, a milestone he has been working toward for 30 years. The reason it took him so long was that his dissertation, which was required to graduate, depended on him solving a math equation that no one had been able to solve since it was first discovered 200 years ago - until he did it.

This was a huge undertaking, but he knew that going in. After all, he is quite accomplished in his field, holding a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in science and technology. He wasn’t about to let a 200-year-old problem deter him! In fact, it was the silver lining provided by lockdown that finally gave him the time to seriously concentrate.

“My PhD is about determining the maximum amount of water that can be sustainably taken from a river for energy and other purposes,” he revealed.

Despite his happiness, Lucio doesn’t rank his PhD as his life's greatest achievement. “Family has been my biggest achievement,” the father of six shared.


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