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$17 Billion in Treasure Found

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

The Colombian navy has found an a shipwreck from the 18th century packed with

gold coins, emeralds, ancient swords and Chinese ceramics.


The wreckage of the San José Galleon, a Spanish ship, was allegedly carrying 600 people on board along with 200 tons of treasures when British Navy ships sank it in 1708. The exact location of the shipwreck wasn't known for three centuries and hasn't been revealed by the authorities even now, Business Insider reports.

If you are wondering why countries are so keen on a shipwreck that has been on the floor of a sea for many centuries, it is the contents of the 200-ton treasure that attract them.

The Colombian Navy found the shipwreck in 2015 and has the most information on the true extent of these treasures. From what it has shared so far, the shipwreck has gold and silver coins, emeralds as well as Chinese ceramics, in pristine shape.

Apart from this, there are ancient swords and not to forget the 64 cannons on the Galleon itself, which have historic value. Inscriptions found on the San Jose's cannons have revealed that they were manufactured in 1655 in Sevilla and Cadiz in Spain and the total worth of these artifacts along with the jewels and precious metals is pegged at $17 billion today.

It is no wonder that the shipwreck is dubbed the "holy grail of shipwrecks".



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