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Airport for Flying Cars to Open this Year

World's first 'airport for electric flying cars' to be built in the heart of the UK, becoming the first fully operational airport for air taxis when it's unveiled later this year.

The world's first fully-operational airport for flying taxis is scheduled to open in Coventry during 2021, as companies gear up for tests of the vehicles as soon as 2023. Urban Air Port has received government funding to build the hub for air taxis and autonomous delivery drones in the city, which passengers will be able to use in a similar way to airports for planes and which will also charge and maintain the electric vehicles.

Urban Air Port chose Coventry for the first site as it sits in the heart of the UK, meaning there is easy access to most parts of the country within four hours. The airport will be able to support any electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and will also be built so it is easy to move to alternative sites.

There have been prototype launches by other companies in other cities. In 2019, Skyports unveiled a prototype of its vertiport in Singapore; whilst in Miami, a residential tower designed a sky deck that could later be modified to turn it into a skyport. Meanwhile, Uber has released skyport designs for cities including Melbourne and Dallas.

Urban Air Port said it was in talks with cities across the UK and in other countries over installing their own urban airports, and had kicked off discussions with investors over rapid commercialisation.

Development of the sites is being supported by Hyundai, which is planning to have its own flying taxis by 2028.


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