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Amsterdam's Stylish Off-Grid Floating Village

Amsterdam, the Netherland's capital city, residents and architects have created a visionary floating neighbourhood called Schoonschip - Dutch for "clean ship."

The city of Amsterdam is known for having beautiful homes along gorgeously picturesque canals, but in the industrial north part of the city, a unique floating neighbourhood has been established.

"Since urban areas struggle with high density, we should make better use of the space on the water," says project architect, Space&Matter.

The visionary neighborhood is called Schoonschip (Dutch for “clean ship), and it is made up of 30 individually-designed floating homes that are all interconnected - they share and produce their own energy. It's all designed to be self-sufficient, with minimal impact on nature. Solar panels and heat pumps provide heating, while wastewater from toilets and showers is converted back into energy. Plus, many of the residents have a green roof where they can grow their own food.

The 30 floating arks have 46 homes, with 100 residents living within them. But while the 'village' may be small in size, it represents a new design template for a country that is dealing with population density and rising sea levels. Not to mention these homes are beautifully-designed and built to welcome as much light as possible.

If you just want to have a look around one of these elegant floating homes, just follow the link here.


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