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Angela Merkel Scores Top Amongst World's Leaders

Even after 16 years in power, the German Chancellor enjoyed the good news this week that she tops the approval ratings amongst her peers.

A survey by YouGov in five major European countries and the United States asked respondents whether they had a favourable or unfavourable opinion of Merkel, who steps down next month after four terms in office. More respondents delivered a positive verdict than a negative one in all six countries surveyed.

The veteran chancellor, who since her election in 2005 has worked with four US and French presidents, five British prime ministers and eight Italian heads of government, scored net positive ratings of +61 in Spain, +49 in France and +30 in her home country.

Opinions in Italy, the US and UK were slightly less positive at +23, +17 and +15, but of other world leaders, only Joe Biden - still benefiting from a “not Trump” effect, but with polling carried out before this month’s chaotic events in Afghanistan - was even remotely close.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi of India and Britain’s Boris Johnson, recorded net negative ratings in all six countries surveyed. As did China’s Xi Jinping, who scored the worst with an average net negative approval rating of -55.


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