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Angry Trump Accidentally Likes Bikini Pics

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Oops! Former US President Donald Trump has returned to his recently re-instated Facebook and Instagram accounts with gusto, only to - he angrily claims - fall into a trap cunningly laid by the 'lamestream' media.

Donald Trump

Clearly irate and radiating a more extraordinary facial colouring than usual, Trump angrily complained about how double-tapping an image on Facebook makes it bigger, but double-tapping an image on Instagram shows that you like it.

“This is a sneaky trick from the lamestream media to con people into thinking that I went back through my daughter Ivanka’s Instagram pictures all the way to the ones when she was on vacation in Cancun and wore that super hot bikini,” fumed Trump, wasting no time getting back to business on his newly re-opened accounts, and further jeapardising the millions of dollars invested in his faltering Truth Social platform.

“Okay, you kick me off Facebook and Instagram for phoney reasons, then you change everything and let me back on, just to trick me into looking like I’ve just made an ass of myself. Whereas in truth I wasn’t ‘liking’ those pictures. I was trying to look more closely at them”.

Later, Trump was shown how to join the Metaverse for the first time, where he bitterly complained how the skin tone options for his avatar did not include his trademark ‘orangutang orange’ hue.



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