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Animals Locking Eyes With Photographer

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A wildlife photographer’s stunning series of images capture the moment an animal “sees” him as their eyes meet his own.

As a celebrated wildlife photographer, Shaaz Jung knows more about animals than most. But his relationship with wildlife didn't just begin with his photography. Raised in the jungles of South India, Jung grew up understanding the special feeling that occurs when you first lock eyes with an animal in its native environment. And now, in his series Jungle is Watching, Jung is capturing that moment on film.

“This series is inspired by the true essence of the jungle. Deep in its distant chambers, in a labyrinth of trees, the jungle is alive and always watching you,” Jung told PetaPixel.

“I’ve spent years in the forest and there’s always that feeling when you know you’re being watched. It usually happens at dusk, when the jungle goes silent and you know you’re not alone.”

Fully cognizant that he is simply a visitor in the homes of these animals, Jung takes his role as a silent observer quite seriously. This recognition of and respect for the natural environment is most certainly one of the key elements in Jung's success as a wildlife photographer. And, says MyModernMet, it's why he's able to photograph these animals in such a natural, easy manner.

It's his hope that Jungle is Watching will encourage others to follow his lead. “I hope this series inspires people to respect nature by silently observing the hidden beauty that lives amongst us.”

Here are the six wonderful images from Jung's Jungle is Watching series...

Black panther
Panther | Shaaz Jung

Langur | Shaaz Jung

Chameleon | Shaaz Jung

Monkey | Shaaz Jung

Leopard | Shaaz Jung

Squirrel | Shaaz Jung

Shaaz Jung: Website | Instagram


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