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Another Everyday Hero

Window cleaner in the east of England helping firms 'bounce back' by turning up unannounced and cleaning their windows and signs for free - so the shops can look in tip top condition as lockdown eases.

A cleaner has washed the windows of more than 700 properties for nothing - in a bid to help local firms "bounce back" after lockdown. "Scott", who runs a window cleaning-firm, did not accept a penny for the work in the Great Yarmouth area. Instead, the mystery washer posts a note through letterboxes to say he has been, reports the Eastern Daily Press.

"A lot of people here rely on good weather and seasonal trade - and they are suffering," he said. Scott - who wants to remain anonymous - told the BBC he had received no government support since businesses were forced to close in March.

He pays his small team out of his own pocket, and estimates the work carried out to date has saved local firms in the region of £8,000.

He started out cleaning the windows of regular clients "to keep things ticking over" before moving on to "next door, upstairs and underneath".

The note posted through letterboxes reads: "In order to support my commercial customers and other local businesses during the current climate, I have cleaned your windows and/or signage today so as to keep your establishment in tip top condition so as to bounce back quickly when this is all over."

Simon Wainwright, owner and head chef at SW1, a restaurant in Gorleston-on-Sea, described finding the note as "a great surprise in these hard times".

"Lockdown has affected a lot of businesses here, especially during this weather, when they would normally earn their money," he said.

"It goes to show there are good people out there."

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