Another Extraordinary Achievement

Why be content with just raising nearly £30m for NHS charities?

Captain Tom Moore has become the oldest person to have a No.1 single after his duet with Michael Ball reached the top of the UK charts. The record was previously held by Tom Jones, who reached No.1 with [Barry] Islands In The Stream aged 68 in 2006, 32 years younger than Tom is now, aged 99. 

Captain Tom, who won the hearts of the nation with his astonishing National Health Service fundraising, will still hold the top spot when he celebrates his 100th birthday on April 30 next week.

Captain Tom and Michael's hit version of Liverpool Football Club anthem You'll Never Walk Alone has also become the fastest-selling single of 2020.  

Think back a few weeks... this charming war veteran had a simple thought: I would love to raise a few quid for charity. No doubt setting his sights higher than he thought possible, he decided to have a go at raising £1,000. 4 weeks, a number one single and nearly £30 million later, what must Captain Tom Moore think will happen next?