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At 65, Woman Fulfills Lifelong Dream

A woman in Somerset, England, has fulfilled her lifelong dream of working in her very own bookshop.

When she was 65 years old, Carole-Ann Warburton handed in her notice at work and opened The Book Rest on West Street. She filled it with over 8,000 books she had collected over her lifetime.

"Our house was absolutely chock-a-block," Warburton told The Guardian. "Most rooms had boxes of books and bookshelves of books. We had a four-bedroomed house and all the rooms consisted of small walkway passages between piles of books."

"I am so happy standing here in the middle of a pile of books," she said. "I can walk around the shop, pick up a book and sit down and read it … I would like to keep doing this until I no longer can. It's a wonderful feeling. Someone can walk in tomorrow and say: 'I have been looking for that for an awfully long time!'"


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