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Automated Cocktail Maker

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Halo-like smart bar auto-mixes 1,000s of cocktails in your home.

Barsys 360 cocktail maker
Credit: Barsys

The Barsys 360 looks like a piece of high-tech home decor and this clever little vertical amphitheater of mixology brings the skills of classic and renegade bartenders directly into your home... no tipping required.

The machine is designed to stand out and make a statement as much as it is to streamline Saturday-night drink making. It envelops the glass in a spectacle of lights and precisely measured pours, connecting to a library of cocktail recipes via Barsys' accompanying app.

To get started, you simply pour up to six different liquors and mixers into the individual canisters. Using the app, you then enter those ingredients and it curates a menu of cocktail selections based on the liquid sextet. You then tap your preferred cocktail selection and, hey presto, the 360 creates it.

You can also tweak the recipe, adjusting individual measurements to taste. The Barsys 360 will learn preferences over time to make recommendations. The only thing it seems the device can't do is add ice and a slice of fruit.

The Barsys 360 weighs 10lb (4.5 kg) before it's filled up with your favorite tipples and stands 17 inches (43 cm) tall by 17 inches across. The US$475 contraption is available for preorder now with a 10 percent deposit, and Barsys plans to begin deliveries in October.


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